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Thawte® SSL Certificates

Uncompromised & rock-solid international security solutions

Thawte® is a leading global Certificate Authority (CA) that's been exclusively laser-focused on providing high-grade digital security certificates for more than 20 years. As the first international CA, Thawte® SSL certificates quickly became widespread as the true standard for securing servers, providing rock-solid data encryption, authenticating users, protecting user privacy and assuring online identities through their first-rate validation processes. Thawte's acclaimed international fame & reputation is much accredited to their deep multi-language support system to effectively maximize their global reach & service. Thawte® SSL certificates interact beautifully with the most common web servers and browsers, and give your customers the confidence they need.  So, when you choose Thawte®, you choose to go with one of the best and most reliable CAs out there.

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Thawte® SSL Web Server Certificate with EV – New or Renewal

Get the green address bar and establish trust at a glance

Thawte® SSL Web Server with EV certificates are a cheap extended validation solution that enables the most visible security indicator, the green address bar to quickly assure site visitors ...you're secure and your identity has been authenticated. When customers see the green address bar and the internationally known Thawte® brand, they'll gain the confidence you desire.

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Thawte® SSL123 Certificate (DV) – New or Renewal  

Get 256-bit encryption issued within minutes from known CA

SSL123 is the Thawte® entry-level and cheap domain validated certificate option that simply proves your domain is registered to you and you have actually authorized the purchase. ...With the SSL123 certificate, you'll get quick issuance and up to 256-bit encryption from a rock-solid CA & brand to ensure information is kept private between your web server and your site users' web browsers.

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Thawte® SSL123 Wildcard Certificate (DV) – New or Renewal  

An Ideal Solution for Securing your Domain and Sub-Domains

The Thawte SSL123 Wildcard is an ideal solution for securing a domain and multiple sub-domains with a single SSL certificate. This highly cost-effective option features industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength with a 2048-bit signature key. It's domain validated, meaning it can be issued in just minutes, and it's backed by a $1,500,000 warranty and the Thawte Trusted Site Seal.

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Thawte® SSL Web Server Certificate (OV) – New or Renewal

Prove your identity and get up to 256-bit encryption

The Thawte® SSL Web Server Certificate has more to its authentication procedure so you can show your users you are a legitimate company. ...With this affordable organization validation certificate, you have to prove you own the domain name and there is some light/basic business details that need to be verified before issuance. It also offers 256, 128, 56 or 40-bit encryption depending on your user's browser capability and the cipher suite installed on your web server.

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Thawte® SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard (OV) – New or Renewal

The most comprehensive encryption solution from the world’s first international CA

For larger companies with diverse web holdings, encrypting your entire portfolio of websites and sub-domains can be an incredibly complicated and oftentimes expensive proposition. ...Fortunately, there’s an extremely affordable and straightforward solution available from one of the most trusted names in web security: The Thawte SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard.

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Thawte® Wildcard SSL Certificate (OV) – New or Renewal

Easily secure unlimited sub-domains with this popular wildcard solution

A Thawte® Wildcard SSL Certificate can cost-effectively secure multiple Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) if they share the same base domain name, ...reside on the same physical server and share the same root domain. This solution is backed by a rock-solid international CA, has strong encryption and verifies your identity because there is some light vetting of your company during the organization validation process.

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Thawte® Code Signing Certificate – New or Renewal

The world's most popular code signing certificate to ensure safe code

Thawte® Code Signing certificates are ideal for any company who plans to distribute code or content over the Web or through corporate ...extranets and want to assure the integrity and authorship of that code. Thawte® Code Signing certificates protect your customer, your brand, and your intellectual property by making your applications identifiable and much harder to falsify or damage. Certificates support Microsoft Authenticode®, JavaSoft™, Adobe® AIR™, VBA, Office and Apple®.

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