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Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates

Reliable security with greater trust

Organization Validated SSL Certificates come equipped with industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption. But additional validation requirements position them as a more premium SSL option, ideal for businesses. With OV certificates, the Certificate Authority (CA) just has to confirm domain ownership and also perform a little light vetting of your organization. But as long as you're a registered business, this process is a breeze! Once the vetting process is complete, typically in just 1-3 business days, your site will begin to reap the benefits of the upgraded trust indicators these certs provide.

Visible, effective trust indicators

Beyond the basic SSL assurance of the padlock icon and "https" combo, an OV certificate gives guests on your site further proof that they're dealing with a real, trustworthy company. Official organizational details such as name and location are included and shown in the certificate's information. So, any skeptical customer can be directed to click on your certificate details to confirm that your business has been verified by a reputable third-party security company.

Includes a dynamic site seal

OV certs feature a clickable, or dynamic, site seal that will reveal CA-verified details about your organization to all visitors who click on it. They are simple to install and exhibit clear protection by an established SSL brand.

Are Organization Validated SSL Certificates what you're looking for?

If you're looking to assure web customers that you're a safe company to do business with, then OV certificates are hugely beneficial! If not entirely necessary! With these certs, e-commerce and service providers who handle personal information can offer transparency and security. Visitors to your site will be given far more reasons to trust it and your organization.

You may also want to consider the next tier of reassurance with Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. These will certainly offer the most complete, premier package of trust indicators along with a huge ROI potential.

Check out our selection of OV SSL Certificates below!

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GeoTrust® True BusinessID® (OV)

Cost-effective encryption with some business validation assurance

GeoTrust® True BusinessID® is a very reasonable organization validation solution, which means you will have some light vetting performed. This very popular brand has the capacity to encrypt large data with standard 256-bit encryption. Additionally, it's compatible with 99% of web browsers and mobile devices to ensure your users with end-to-end security. It comes with unlimited server licenses, a dynamic site seal, $1,500,000 warranty, and much more.

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Thawte® SSL Web Server Certificate (OV)

Prove your identity with this internationally recognized brand

Thawte® SSL Web Server Certificate will verify your company's existence prior to being issued. This is a great choice for non-English speaking admins because the validation support is available in many different languages. It has the capabilities to secure with 256-bit, 128-bit, 56-bit or 40-bit encryption to enable a strong secure connection. It comes with a dynamic Thawte® Trusted Site Seal, unlimited server licenses, $1,500,000 warranty, and much more.

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Thawte® Wildcard SSL Certificate (OV)

Secure all sub-domains with single cert and display your business details

Thawte® Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure multiple Fully Qualified Domain Names if they share the same base domain name and reside on the same physical server. Thawte® is an internationally recognized CA with multi-language support. This cheap wildcard certificate includes unlimited server licenses, 256-bit encryption technology, are compatible with 99% of web & mobile browsers, and much more. There will be some light vetting of your business required to get this product issued.

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Symantec™ Secure Site Pro

ECC capabilities and leverages the powerful Norton™ brand

Symantec™ Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is the most trusted OV certificate providing the latest technology in enterprise-level encryption and also leverages the world' #1 internet security brand, Norton™ to increase confidence in a user's safety & security. This cert include Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) capabilities as well as RSA & DSA 256-bit encryption. It does require some light business validation but it also includes the extra premium features such as, daily malware scanning, Norton™ Secured Seal, and a $1,500,000 warranty.

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Symantec™ Secure Site SSL

Secure a site with premium encryption and the Norton™ brand

Symantec™ Secure Site SSL certificate is one of the most trusted OV certificates that provide great security and also leverages the world' #1 internet security brand, Norton™ to increase confidence in a user's safety & security with premium RSA & DSA 256-bit encryption. This certificate requires some light business validation but also includes the extra premium features such as, daily malware scanning, Norton™ Secured Seal, and a $1,500,000 warranty.

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