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Symantec™ Secure Site with EV

Activate the green address bar & leverage the power of the Norton® brand

The Symantec™ Secure Site with EV SSL certificate is a great solution for any website wanting to cultivate trust online. This complete security package doesn't just encrypt with strong & reliable encryption, it activates the #1 recognized trust indicator within the browser: the green address bar, showcases the Norton® Secured Seal trust mark (which is the most-known security brand on the web), but it even includes some extra premium features for FREE which no other SSL brand can even come close to competing with.

These extra premium features provide your website with complete protection on many different fronts beyond just encryption.

  • Vulnerability Scan – Daily assessment of possible vulnerabilities on/within your site.
  • Daily Malware Scan – Daily notification if any malware is detected on your site.
  • NetSure® Protection Plan – The largest warranty & peace of mind in the SSL industry: $1,750,000.
  • Seal-in-Search™ – Activates the Norton® Site Seal in Google results pages on all PCs w/ Norton® Anti-Virus installed to differentiate your site before a customer clicks.
  • SAN Enabled – You can secure additional domains with this certificate at any time by adding additional SANs (up to 100).
  • Norton® Shopping Guarantee Ready – Eligible for the 20x ROI Guarantee conversion booster if you qualify.
  • Strong Encryption Levels – Support 2 industry-leading encryption, such as RSA or DSA hashing algorithms.
  • FREE SAN for Base Domain – Secure both the WWW and non-WWW versions of your domain for free.

When you choose the powerful, yet affordable Secure Site with EV SSL certificate, you get to activate the green address bar in all browsers, which is only possible with an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. Although Symantec™ has their validation process down pat, it still may take you a 1-5 Days or so to successfully pass the EV process, but it is totally worth it. The green address bar it the most-recognized SSL & trust indicator on the web that proves you are who you say you are and that it is safe to do business with. You can't deny it, green simply means go in every single language on the planet and it's proven to increase confidence amongst your site visitors which ultimately increases conversion, which is what everybody covets! For any ecommerce business, the green address bar is rapidly becoming the norm and is really no longer even an option anymore. The green address bar has proven itself. Symantec™ & Norton® have a proven themselves. And combined in the Symantec™ Secure Site with EV solution, you're taking a giant leap in the right direction in winning new customers over your competition.

You simply can't go wrong when you choose to go with the world's #1 web security solution. Align yourself with the best to be the best. All Fortune 100 companies choose to go with Symantec™, why wouldn't you? It is a great way to show your customers you care about their safety, enhance your brand and protect our reputation. You can't deny that these 3 things are vital to all successful businesses and should never really be sacrificed for any reason.

All Symantec™ SSL products come with the Norton® Secured Seal so you can easily piggy-back on the world's most trust brand. The Norton® Secured Seal is seen a whopping 1 billion times a day! Yes is with a "B"! This means the Norton® is continually building at an astonishing rate of 1 billion impressions per day! Go with the Secure Site w/EV to harness this brand power to simply catapult your own brand. You get to have this world-famous security company vouch for you and your safety right on your site and your company details will even be displayed as well to showcase your legitimacy.

PLEASE NOTE: All Symantec™ SSL certificates come with the option to add SANs (multi-domain) for up to 100 domains. To just use the single-name certificate functionality, simply leave the SAN option as "0" during enrollment. Also, the Symantec™ Secure Site with EV SSL covers your WWW and NON-WWW domain for FREE.

  • When you enroll for Common Name as www.domain.com, then Symantec™ will automatically cover the domain.com version with a free SAN.
  • When you enroll for Common Name as domain.com, then Symantec™ will automatically cover the www.domain.com version with a free SAN.

All in all, the Symantec™ Secure Site with EV is by far an extremely secure and high performing website security solution that activates all of the powerful visual trust indicators and additional premium features to enhance assurance, legitimacy and business continuity. If you're looking for the strongest encryption known to man, please consider the Symantec™ Secure Site Pro with EV solution to get ECC encryption with your product. Either way, choose Symantec™ SSL and choose to win.

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Symantec Secure Site with EV

  • Validation Type: EV
  • Reissue: Unlimited
  • Issuance: 1-5 Days
  • Warranty: $1,750,000
  • Green Address Bar: Yes
  • SAN Support: Yes
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Yes
  • Seal-in-Search: Yes
  • Site Seal: Dynamic
  • Wildcard: No
  • Server Licensing: Limited
  • Malware Scan: Yes
  • Business Validation Icon Image Business Validated
  • Mobile Friendly Icon Image Mobile Friendly
  • Green Address Bar Image Green Address Bar
Key Features and Benefits of Symantec™ Secure Site with EV SSL Certificate
  • The Strongest encryption up to 256 bit
  • Extended Validation Authentication, Green Address Bar - EV SSL is easy!
  • Browser Ubiquity of over 99%
  • Symantec™ Secure Site with EV Includes $1,750,000 Warranty
  • Certificate includes identity verification and includes your company details
  • Secures web mail, Hosting Control Panel's, POP, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, HTTPS (Secure Web Pages)
  • Protect a web site with internationalized domain names
  • Mobile devices and smart phones compatibility
  • Norton Trust™ Seal with Norton Seal-in-Search™ maximizes click-through and conversions
  • 30 days re-issuance included
  • Daily Web site Anti-malware scanning shows customers you are committed to keeping them safe
  • Free Vulnerability Assessment and Actionable Report
  • Supports 3 encryption algorithms, RSA, DSA, and ECC
  • Free Norton™ Secured Seal
  • Free 24/7 hours Live SSL support
  • Secure up to 100 Domains (Multi SAN Certificate)
  • An exclusive Free Installation checker
  • 99% All Web Browsers Support
  • Includes Reissuance Insurance
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Secure Multiple Domains on a Single IP Address**
  • Uses Chained Certificates
  • FREE self-service reissues during validity period
  • Secure Both WWW and NON-WWW versions of your domain by default

Product Specifications

Domain Secured WWW & NON-WWW Domain as 1 FQDN; up to 100 with added SAN
Issuance Speed 1-5 Days
Validation Type Extended Business Validation EV Certificate
Notification Level Domain Name and Business Name Shown On Certificate
Encryption Level Up to 256-bit
Browser Compatibility 99% All Web Browsers & Mobile Devices Browsers
Site Seal Norton™ Secured Seal for FREE!
Server License Single Server - Additional server licenses may be purchased
Re-issue Unlimited FREE self-service reissues
Warranty: Comes with $1,750,000 Warranty
Green Address Bar: Yes, It display Green Address Bar with small padlock
SAN Support: Yes, its support Subject Alternative Name (SAN)
Vulnerability Assessment: Yes, It includes full actionable report
Seal-in-Search: Yes, It will display seal in search to boost Click Through Rate (CTR)
Anti-Malware Scan: Yes, It comes with daily anti-malware scanner

SSL Certificate Renewal

Renew your SSL certificate with us with ease!

We offer a lightning-fast SSL renewal process with just a few simple steps. Also, when you renew your certificate with us, you get a few additional benefits:

Renew your SSL certificate immediately with just a few short streamlined steps.
Complete your SSL certificate renewal within a just few minutes or seconds.
100% money back guarantee and previous discount price match.
Instantly roll over remaining days on your old certificate (up to 90 days).
Never miss another renewal again with our expert help and tools.

Support Options

  • Instructions on generating CSR (Certificate Signing Request) Go Now Support Icon 1
  • Guidance of SSL Certificate Installation Go Now Support Icon 2
  • Symantec™ EV SSL Site Seal Go Now Support Icon 3
  • SSL Support Ticket Center Go Now Support Icon 4
  • FAQ for SSL Certificates Go Now Support Icon 5
  • Buy Professional SSL Installation Go Now Support Icon 6

Web, Mobile Browsers, Server and Client OS Compatibilities

  • Firefox 1+, 2+, 3+
  • IE 5+, 6+, 7+, 8+
  • Chrome 3+
  • Netscape 4+
  • Opera 7+
  • AOL 5+
  • Safari
Web Browsers Icon Image
Server and Client OS
  • Control Panels: Ensim, DotNet Panel, Plesk6+, Hsphere, Helm, and more.
  • Web Servers: Apache, Microsoft IIS 7, IIS6, IBM HTTP, Tomcat, Weblogic, Cobalt.
  • E-Mail Servers: Lotus Dominos, Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003, SmarterMail, etc.
  • Client OS: Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2000, Linux Client OS.
  • Server OS: Linux, Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, UNIX, Solaris, Novell, etc.
  • Proxy Server, Routers & Firewalls: Microsoft ISA 2004, ISA 2006, CISCO, etc.
Mobile Browser
  • Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari
  • Palm / Handspring Blazer 2.0+
  • Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Netfront 3.0+
  • Blackberry
  • AT&T

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