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Wholesale Pricing on the Most Trusted Brands in the Industry

As a reseller of SSLPots.com, you can also consider yourself a partner of some of the largest and most reputable web security companies in the world. The best part is, we've done all of the boring and tedious stuff for you – contract negotiations, branding agreements, product decisions, etc. Already done! All you have to worry about is selling, and these recognized and reliable certificates practically do that themselves☺. You can always browse our detailed product pages for specific information on the individual certs themselves, as we have many solutions available. One thing's for sure: we're certain to have a web security solution that will perfectly match your customers' needs. For a brief outline of each of our brands, take a look below.

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RapidSSL® is a brand that says it all with its name. If your customers are looking for quick, easy, and low-cost solutions for their SSL needs, it doesn't get much better than RapidSSL®. These are all Domain Validated (DV) options that can be issued in a matter of minutes. Since they don't offer much in the way of trust indicators, RapidSSL® certificates are best for internal and testing sites. But if you want to blow your customers away with how fast you can get a cert issued – RapidSSL® is a great place to start.

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Simply put: Symantec™ is the best of the best when it comes to the SSL industry. Their certificates are recognized across the world as a beacon of trust and credibility – and no Site Seal helps conversion rates quite like the Norton™ checkmark. Plus, Symantec™ certificates come with a number of other features, like daily malware scanning, vulnerability assessments, outrageous warranties and ECC encryption. If you want to ensure that your customers have a total security solution that will both increase their business and secure their web communications, Symantec™ is the way to go.

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GeoTrust® is a great middle-ground between RapidSSL® and Symantec™. If your customer isn't quite willing to pay top-dollar for SSL, yet, then GeoTrust® will offer tremendous value as a lower-cost product that still offers OV and EV options, along with dynamic site seals that display company information in real-time. So, when customers visit a website, they can click on the trusty GeoTrust® logo to ensure that this is a real business they are dealing with.

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The first international Certificate Authority (CA), Thawte® is a well-respected CA that truly emphasizes best practices when it comes to web security. After all, they're still going strong after all these years and international audiences instantly recognize the Thawte® brand as a symbol of trust and credibility. With a Thawte® certificate installed on their site, your customer will rest easy knowing they have industry-leading encryption backed by a brand trusted across the globe.

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As an SSL Pioneer and a top Symantec Specialist Partner, there have been 400,000+ site owners that love our convenient selection of the world’s most popular solutions, streamlined support, awesome experts and unlimited resources & tools to get the job done right at an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE RATE!

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